Unveilling Kaniza Series 01

Posted by on Jul 27, 2007

ToyQube will officially unveil its Kaniza blind-box series at SDCC (booth#4937). Keith Poon and Klim Kozinevich (Bigshot Toyworks) based the five different Kaniza sculpts (3.5 – 4.25″), each with removable heads, on Keith’s Kanser figure concept. Kaniza Cluster 01 features a very strong and fresh lineup including: Andrew Bell, Bupla, Candykiller, Charuca, Dacosta Bayley, Devious, Filth, Jesse Hernandez, Julie West, Keith Poon, Kenn Munk, Mike Burnett, Sam Fout, Sauer Kids and Steven Daily.

ToyQube will release 100 white blanks of each shape – with artists on hand to customize these babies including Andrew Bell, Keith Poon, Klim Kozinevich, Dacosta Bayley, Sam Fout, Steven Daily, and Jesse Hernandez. From the early sculpt photos and designs, this is shaping up to be one of the stronger mini-figure platform introductions in quite a while.

Special Thanks to Vinyl Pulse